Friday, June 6, 2008

a little of everything.

Grant likes to pick out his own clothes. I don't mind at all.

Since my last post, we had a visit from my cousins and their families of three. The boys fished, the girls garage sale shopped, and the kids fought. I love S & T. Great fun!

Also, I learned how to shoot a handgun. I was the best. (okay, okay, Becki was the best)

And here is my Henry.


Jenn said...

yep, sorry, totally forgot about the furniture! Well, just forgot to mention. I LOVE IT! I would buy new furniture every week if I could! It's so fun! Anyway, what a fun few weeks, Grant is so big now, they just grow like weeds and Henry is a cute little guy! Way to go shooting handguns, what inspired that?! :)

beck said...

No really, you were the best.

At least neither of us hit the wood BELOW the targets.

Do you need to come to Utah?

smash said...

I can't believe Henry's eyes are still blue! What a babe!

I agree with Beck, Do you need to come to Utah?

Jason & Dana said...

Okay, you have got to be the BEST blogger ever!!!! I've sat here reading this for at least the past hour and I kept reading stuff from it to my mom and Jason. You are hilarious Emily! I wish we could have spent more time together.
I have a bead-similar story! Last week we had corn for dinner and my mom says "Colby has a piece of corn up his nose, I think you'll have to use a syringe to get it out, I can't get him to blow his nose." So I use it and out comes one piece. Then I look up there and there's another one. It came out too. I thought there might be more because he sounded stuffed up, but I couldn't see any. So, while I'm carrying him to bed I see (exhale) a piece of corn (inhale) it gets sucked back in. So on an exhale I pushed down on his nose and got out piece # 3. The next day he still sounded stuffy and I got out one more piece. I'm worried there's still more up there. I'm taking him to Eva's 2 year doctor appointment tomorrow to have the doctor look up there and tell me if there's any more. Yikes! Wow, this is a long comment.
But I'm so glad I asked you if you have a blog because I LOVE IT!

dad said...

that is amazing.

tammy said...

that was more amazing.

Kate & Jeremy said...

ok..i'm laughing so hard right now, because i saw that picture of grant liking to pick out his own cloths, and it reminded me of when you would always talk about having to lay out spencers cloths or you would be afraid of what he would put together.. something about shorts, tall gray socks.. and running/hiking shoes.. remember? oh.. i love it! your family is so so cute em! i miss seeing your cute face