Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ohio is awesome.

As we speak (type), Spencer and I are searching for a home in Athens, Ohio. We spent all afternoon with a realtor yesterday. The prices are similar to Pocatello, but very little new building is happening, so we have been looking at a lot of older homes. The closer to campus they are, the older they are, the more work they need done. We aren't interested in a flip situation because Spencer is going to be so busy. The most we are willing to do is hire out for new carpet and paint. Hopefully we will have better luck today because yesterday we only found one we liked. Actually, I LOVED it. Wouldn't you?

(the yellow in this picture is brighter than in real life. It is spotless because this cute little couple has been there for 30 years -- since it was built! 4 bed, 3 bath)

It will be a tough one to beat! The only thing it lacks is a level driveway, a jetted tub (on my list), and a large fenced in yard. Wish us luck!


smash said...

You can't go! I don't care how awesome it is, I don't want you so far away. I'll never see you and your kids will forget how cool I am!!

beck said...

That house looks enormous. Good luck looking. I hope it goes well.

Jenn said...

Well, I hope the house hunting got better, but you should definitely get something you love! That house is huge! How nice. I hope you guys had a great trip, and btw...isn't it your b-day today!? If so, Happy Birthday!! :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh my gosh! buy it now and then live in it in memory of me and the house i will never get to have here in hawaii! :) i love it. i seriously love it. how much is it? jk - tacky question, but whenever i find out how much mainland homes are i want to die. :) so so affordable.