Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

The F of J is my FAVORITE!

No presents.
No difficult preparation.
No snow.
Baseball games.
Lawn chairs.

And of course, appreciating the "Land of the Free"... because of the brave.


j2hobbs said...

Grant is getting SOOOO BIG! I think he likes baseball or just sucking on the fence. Whatever makes them happy, RIGHT? Your little fam is adorable. I'm glad you are having a fun summer.

Stephanie said...

you always were an all american girl- i love that about you. by the way- grant gets bigger and more adorable with each post... so be careful how much you post! jk that was lame- but he is cute!

Dillingham Family said...

Hey Emily,
I'm glad you saw my blog. I love yours. Grant is adorable. I was just reminiscing(sp?) about girls camp because my mom is up there this times! Let me know what you are up to and I will link you to my blog.

Lois/Grams said...

Sounds like you are having a great summer! Crafts are in - but mine never seem to be small ones! Your Mom, A. Cindy and I have counseled on replacing all the wall coverings in the front portion of the house. We just finished the entry, and are waiting for the other patterns to come in. I love it. I also have a little!!! Christmas project going. Talk about a lot of hours involved! It is really fun though. Your pictures are always wonderful. Our next girl's craft day is Aug 11th, a Saturday????? Any way possible you could make it? Have a great week..... Love, Grams