Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Yesterday Grant was asleep and someone knocked on the door loudly. I went to the door annoyed thinking it was a a neighbor kid. I opened the door with my finger over my lips in "shoosh" position. It was the mailman. He didn't say anything. He just handed me my package, and continued on in silent public service. I'm sorry I shooshed you, mailman.

Today I spent ALL DAY at the cub scout Day Camp. We learned about American history and I realized that the 2nd graders are smarter than me!!!!

After a pleasant visit/baseball game viewing with my local family members (mom and brothers are now in Boise), we spent the weekend in Twin Falls for Spencer's brother's homecoming from the Baltics. It is funny what things missionaries miss when they come home. For Mason it was cold cereal. For Tom it was carpet and root beer. Yes, carpet. Americans are spoiled and ungrateful.

Meanwhile, Spencer and I are getting our rental houses ready to sell. A couple weeks ago I had a yard sale of rental-left-behinds and made $15.

So, one of our tenants has been avoiding us because he is late on rent. While we were working in the yard last night he drove by 3 times hoping we were gone. I hid my car down the ally and he finally came home. It gave me a little rush sneaking up on him! I felt like that bounty-hunter-mohawk-dog-guy.

I'll be glad to sell those pesky rental houses... I'm tired of pushing the lawn mower two blocks back and forth.


Ashlee said...

I think you are justified in being sneaky if he is being sneaky. Did you kick him out yet? He doesn't deserve to be living there!

Stephanie said...

I am impressed with all this rental home/sneaky business- way to go! I enjoy your stories, keep them coming please.