Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why is this so?

My scouting adventures should calm down for a couple weeks. Tonight we delivered 200 bags for the food drive. Last night was the space rocket derby and awards ceremony pack meeting. I think it went well because number one: The boys looked like they were having a BLAST. Number two: the dads definitely had a blast.

Unfortunately, I delegated the tournament bracketing/procedures to one of the fathers. This was a big mistake because what I thought would be a simple 45 min. tournament between 8 boys turned out to be a 2 hour world series! Why is there a need for double-elimination, a loser's bracket, and a repeat of each race so they get a chance on both tracks? WHY!!??!!

I guess I learned a lesson: Don't let a man plan a derby. Especially a space derby because they have to wind the propellers 150 times each race!!!! AND they all brought their electric drills to do all the winding.... It was quite a sight.

(Spencer tried to take pictures, but the batteries were dead, sorry.)

During the awards ceremony, I asked one of the 10 year old to tell of a memorable activity they did with their den. He said, "medical procedures". I wondered what type of procedures they were performing on whom, but I think he meant "first aid".

On another note, Grant and his friend secretly ate most of my 72 hour kit.

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Stephanie J. Robertson said...

haha- i always ate the 72 hour kit too and was annoyed that we only got to have lucky charms and tons of fruit snacks if there was an emergency!