Thursday, October 25, 2007

The little pill.

Grant and I drove all the way to Blackfoot to meet Daddy after work to get a family pictures taken. We went out to the Snake River where the leaves were still orange. Grant decided he was not going to smile. Instead, he decided to run into the river. Twice. It was cold, and muddy. Why is there an 18 month old in charge around here?


j2hobbs said...

It seems that the kids have taken over!! Atleast that is the way it is at our house. Sometines I have to remind Ty that I am still the boss.Kids are awesome. Who took your pictures? I'm sure they turned out GREAT!!!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

my baby is only 7 months and he KNOWS he's in charge. i never get ANY work done anymore or do anything but cater to his every whim. it's just the way things are i guess. i'm in trouble. :)