Monday, April 9, 2007

Blog guilt.

I didn't realize when starting this blog that I would feel guilty for not updating it at least weekly. I think it's because I hate waiting for new posts on my favorite blogs.

Well, I'm sorry it's been two weeks. I've been busy. Week One included Spring Cleaning my entire house. (yes, I dusted the baseboards, washed the windows inside and out, organized every kitchen cupboard...)
After a couple days of religiously following my Spring Cleaning 2007 schedule, Spencer wanted to burn it. Thanks for enduring, honey. But isn't our house sparkling?
On Week Two I went to Boise for the Grandma/Mom combo birthday. I gave Mom a quilt with "grandma roxie" embroidered on it. Yes, I am rather domestic. Grandma got a homemade garden apron from yours truly. Double domestic.

Most wore their "party faces" complete with glitter and ribbons.
(Hurray for cousin Tara... having a baby girl in September!)
Grant played with cousin Navy...
...And showed her how to put a WHOLE Easter egg in his mouth. (he really can)

We went to visit Mason in Rexburg (sorry no pictures). He got straight A's this semester. Show off.

Then all brothers and mom came to Pocatello for Easters. Easter is fun when you are the 'bunny'.
I'll be in recovery for the next few days.


kentucky said...

I'm so glad you're back. I missed you. I'm so glad that Grant takes after his auntie Becki and has a large boca. Love that kid.

Stephanie said...

good gravy i miss you and your family! dont worry i know the guilt of not updating enough as well
:) but i do check yours a little too frequently. my parents and ashley were here and my dada kept trying to clue me in to the fact that i was now the bunny as well... im still coming to terms with that so betty came through the day before and went and bought some stuff, oh well, there's always next year,

beck said...

When can Grant come visit? Oh yeah, and you too. ...and I guess my brother also.