Friday, March 9, 2007


We have a beaver in our midst. I went to get Grant up and here is what I found (notice the teeth marks on the crib.)

Spencer and I celebrated our anniversary on Wednesday. He took me out to surprisingly-fabulous PBG's (in Blackfoot, go figure) where I decided to eat "light" and ordered the grilled halibut with lemon rosemary sauce. It was the yummiest. Then we went to see Wild Hogs. It was funny, but we weren't that impressed.

In celebration of our anniversary, Spencer surprised me with a set of ladies golf clubs. I don't golf. I took a golf class 6 years ago at Ricks and have bragged about it ever since, but I have shown near-to-no interest in the past. Anyhoo, I suspect that Spencer wants to start golfing with me since I haven't camped or fished with him in like 2 years. It was a very creative gift (and the beginning of an expensive sport) but I think I will return the clubs in exchange for a child's bicycle trailer or seat that I can hitch to my yellow beach cruiser. Yes, that is what I'll do. Sorry, honey, you'll have to golf with Tiger (Chad Workman). We'll go on bike rides instead.

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