Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Travel Agent Emily

In one week Spencer and I will be flying to Chicago so Spencer can attend the National Communication Convention and I can do anything except attend the National Communication Convention (not that I want to). Gratefully, my sista-in-law is watching Grant for the four days we will be gone and I am a little anxious because we've never been away from him before. But with baby number two on the way, I feel an urgency to go on a memorable trip. (It's too bad his company couldn't fund a trip to Hawaii!)
There is so much to do in the Windy City! We have Broadway tickets and I've been trying to get into Oprah (no luck yet). We are going to the aquarium, the Art Institute Museum, ice skating at the park, and more non-Idaho activities.

I'm not wasting anytime, people. I've already made a binder dedicated to the whole trip. Our itinerary, maps, tickets, confirmations, etc. are all filed away and ready. (My mother taught me this trick, btw).

Not to mention the food. We want to go to the original Chicago-style pizza place and somewhere REALLY fancy (I'm not sure where yet).

Everything is walking distance from our hotel (see it HERE). Apparently, they have a street called the "Magnificent Mile" and apparently the shopping is magnificent. But, if anything is farther than walking distance, I have our subway train cards ready.

Can you see why we are so excited? If you have any Chicago suggestions, let em fly!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Beck for watching Grant.

Mason said...

Chicago O'Hare International Airport sells more hot dogs than any other airport in the world. Make sure to get yourselves a couple of those. Don't forget to visit one of the oldest ballparks in baseball, Wrigley field. You trip would be worthless without it.

Masons said...

Chicago is way fun. Go shopping!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hooray emily! so fun and so nice of your sister in law to watch the boy... does she take non-relatives? ambrose is on his way! ;)

also, please head over to my friend ali's blog (she is linked on my page) for a hilarious den mother story. i immediately thought of you just because you are also pregnant and a scout enthusiast. haha