Monday, October 8, 2007

We were out of town!

We had a nice, long weekend in Boise and Twin Falls. And I ate a lot. So, sorry about the lack of posts. And I didn't take any pictures. But I love spending time with my family. Especially because I have family members that throw great dinner parties, make yummy desserts, know where to find a perfect bagel and smear, and talk in hilarious accents.

Now back to real life....
My dryer is broken.
We need groceries.
The lawn should be mowed before the leaves take over.
Scout Leadership training.
Laundry. But my dryer is broken.

But that's where the complaining ends because GC (General Conference) always makes me feel more peaceful.

And things are especially sweet because I can feel the baby kicking now.
He/she is supposed to be the size of a large onion. hmm.


beck said...


Anonymous said...

Which fun relative am I? The one that makes yummy desserts?

beck said...

That was from me.

j2hobbs said...

AH! Don't don't woory about the laundry, just eat!! Those popcorn balls look yummy!! Just turn your clothes inside out, no one will ever know they are dirty!