Thursday, October 11, 2007


If anyone needs their GE dryer fixed (for whatever mysterious problem), Spencer and I are starting a fix-your-dryer business.

Yesterday I called the appliance man (who charged me $200 to fix the heat element last time) and he said he'd fix it for about $100 (depending on the problem).

So, I asked Spencer to take it apart so we can at least see what's wrong. Fact: Dryers are very easy to take apart. Turns out that the wire which heats the element had burnt through (which probably started a small fire which probably could have burned down our house but we are not going to dwell on that). So, with some wire cutters and genius skill, we restored the heat to the dryer.

At one point, Spencer was hanging head first down between the dryer and the wall to hook up the ventilation while I was leaning over his legs to balance the weight so he didn't fall. We laughed really hard because I wasn't really helping so he almost died.

My sista-in-law witnessed the whole thing. Actually, she was watching Richard Simmons on Who's Line is it Anyway? but now she has dry clothes.

On another note, Grant stuck a pea up his nose.

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