Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's Spencer's fault.

Spencer has been working tirelessly on his thesis for to earn his Masters degree, thus, I have had no computer for to blog. But now I'm back, and Spence is a little closer to starting more school. (PhD work beginning next Fall)

He is grumpy. He loves anything in the shape of a ball. At the grocery store he yells, "BALL-O!" whenever there is a balloon in sight. Mr. PotatoHead gets a new make-over every morning and every afternoon. If he wants what you are eating, he'll open his mouth and say, "ah!". He hates that his dad has to go to work. He bawls when Spencer leaves the room. Watch out because he'll try to jump in the shower with you.... and he doesn't care if he has his clothes on. He sprinkled taco seasoning all over the carpet and it still smells when I vacuum. He won't go to bed without feeding his gold fish ("Ishy"). I made him two new, soft blankets but he always prefers the one Grandma Gay made. Rude. He deliberately turns off the TV and looks at me like, "Whatcha gunna do about it?" I totally lost the battle of "King of the kitchen table" because I can't keep him off of it! He can eat a banana in four bites. He only dances to songs he likes. His favorite book is "On the Farm". My favorite part is when he moos like a cow. He doesn't share, he steals. At church he runs straight for the gym. He'll hide behind the couch if you say, "time to change your...." He has to go into time out for 1.5 minutes if he throws hard objects or hits anyone. He gives kisses generously. He sings himself to sleep.


beck said...

I'm glad you're back. I missed you. I miss Grant too.

But, we're (E and I) are coming this weekend!!!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

what an awesome little boy- bring him to me- i need to play with him!