Thursday, September 20, 2007

random stuff...

I refused to leave Boise last weekend without holding Sophie... So we marched right over the the Hippie Fair... Congratulations, T!
Yesterday Grant stretched a long animal balloon up, over, behind his head, and down to his bum like a double-jointed contortionist! (Like that girl in my P.E. class in Junior High)
Grant has gotten so big that his blankets are too small! So today I'm going to make Grant some warm quilts so he doesn't freeze in his bed all night long.

And since today is domestic day....

I'm also going to make Ashlee's birthday present!


Smash said...

Oh, you're the best sister in-law I have! And don't think that has anything to do with the face that you are my only sister-in-law. I'm sure it doesn't need saying, but you really don't have to make me a present!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

couple of things:
1. i really like your dress
2. what hippie fair? that sounds like my kinda thing.
3. hooray for crafts- make that quilt!
4. i am still working on that hawaii info for you- i have a name of a place- just need the number