Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Alright, alright.

My apologies for not blogging for 49 days.

As reward for keeping the faith and returning to my blog, I will post everyday for 49 days!
So there!

I'm going to regret saying that.

Well, let me catch you up on the last half of our Summer:

LOTS OF SCOUTS!!!Gratefully we have new Webelos leaders so I can perform better as the cub scout MASTER. Last month I conducted the most boring Arrow of Light Ceremony ever. However, I did make Spencer go into the Indian Reservation and buy an authenitic arrow. That earned some serious cool points.

BEAR LAKEMy boss treated the office to a weekend at Bear Lake during Raspberry Festival. It is my new favorite place! Grant LOVED the water. The shallow beach goes on forever and then the water gets so blue it feels like you are in the Bahamas! AND No Hurricaines!


We sold one of our rentals... HURRAY! The other one we decided to rent until May so as to sell at a better time in the market. So 9 more months of yard work, painting, and constant to-do's. Gag. Funny: Our new renters are single guys that have a rainbow collection of poisonous tropical dart frogs. They are going to Salt Lake for a Reptile Convention next week. Did anyone see the frog lady episode of Everybody Loves Raymond?

More Patterson Family Memories tomorrow....


beck said...

LOVE grant.

Is Bear Lake cold?

Welcome back. I've missed you.

Emily said...

No! Bear Lake wasn't cold at all! I told you... BA-HA-MAS! Let's go right now.

beck said...

oh yeah, forgot. let's go.