Monday, April 23, 2007


It's time to talk about the big Spence. He's a busy guy. Here is how he spends his time:

He is a landlord for 2 rentals.

He has a full-time job. (45 mins. of commuting)

He has three callings,
He owns and runs a business,
He is remodeling a house,
He is finishing his Master's degree,
He is a dad,

AND he is a husband.

Golly...those husbands...
When you make a list, you appreciate them much, much more.
Love you, babe!


beck said...

And...he learned everything he knows from his older sister.

Stephanie said...

way to go spence! he was always a go-getter.

Lois/Grams said...

Wow! All that and handsome, too. Just take care of that cute wife and baby, I'd hate to mess up that face.