Thursday, March 1, 2007

A typical day...

2:30 am Grant up. Grant in between mommy and daddy. Grant won't sleep. Grant gets juice bottle. 3:00 am Grant asleep in own bed.
7:30 am Grant awake. Mommy awake. Make Grant bottle. Feed Grant. Daddy goes to work. 9:30 am Feed Grant breakfast solids.
10:00 am Grant nap. Mommy start laundry, use elliptical, take shower, get dressed, do hair/makeup, straighten house, make phonecalls, check email, switch laundry, pay a couple bills, fold laundry.

11:30 am Grant awake. Ride around in laundry basket. Grant explore house. 12:00 pm Grant and Mommy eat lunch. Sings song to Grant. 1:00 pm Grant plays with Dominos.
2:00 pm Cheerios. Mommy folds more laundry. Grant unfolds laundry. Mommy refolds laundry. 3:00 pm Play hide and seek with toy monkey.

Play hide and seek with mommy.
Ride around in laundry basket.
4:00 pm Grant nap. Oprah. 5:00 pm Start dinner. 5:30 pm Grant awake. Daddy home. 8:00 pm Grant bath. Grant bottle. 8:30 pm Grant bed.

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Uncle Kyle said...

haha... emily, that totally looks like you emily.
3>> kyle